Privacy and Safety Policy

General Safety

Whilst we go to great lengths to ensure the safety of everyone attending our event. We encourage everyone to take responsibility for their own safety, and to ensure no live flames/candles/cookers etc are left unattended. Vehicles parked on slopes in the camping area must be chocked.

Children’s workshops & Activities

All of our workshops are held in an open space with professional performers/workshop hosts. We encourage parents and guardians to attend and oversee the activities (and even join in if you wish!). Parents remain responsible for their children at all times during the event. The festival does not provide creche or child caring services. Children remain the responsibility of parents/guardians whilst on site.

Children accompaniment

Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult (parent/guardian) at all times and must not be left unattended.

Lost children

If you find a lost child please inform a member of the 3 Wishes team or security staff. You can also take them to the FAE Magazine booth near the stage in the main arena, or take them to the reception tent.

Filming and photography

We will have a film crew and professional photographers on site. For this reason you need to be aware that as a ticket holder or invited guest, you give consent for us to use these images for production, exhibition, advertising, video and/or audio recording purposes for future promotions.

Anti social behaviour

We reserve the right to eject any person/s exhibiting anti-social behaviour without a refund.

Controlled Substances

Any person/s found to be in possession of, and/or under the influence of any controlled (illegal) substance whilst participating in the festival, will be immediately removed from the festival site without a refund.