Music: Faery Kingdom Arena Stage


Damh the Bard, 3 Daft Monkeys, Perkelt, The Roustabouts, Circulus, The Magic Bus + many more TBA

and more to be announced!

Previous line-up

2017 Line-Up!

Friday 16th June – Faery Kingdom Arena stage:

10.30pm: 3 Daft Monkeys

8.30pm: The Roustabouts

7.00pm: PerKelt

5.30pm: Fairy Dream

4.00pm: Pixiephonic

3.00pm: Morganite

2.00pm: Los Samba

1.00pm: Faerie Drumming

Saturday 17th June Faery Kingdom Arena stage:

10.30pm The Dolmen

8.00pm SeeD

5.45pm Seas of Mirth

4.15pm Fairy Dream

3.00pm Siobhan Owen

2.00pm Nick Ashron

1.00pm Chyna Delamare

12 noon Surprise!

Saturday 18th June – Faery Kingdom Arena stage:

10.30pm Kangaroo Moon

8.30pm Formidable Vegetable Sound System

7pm Magic Bus

5.15pm Devonbird

3.30pm Crow Dancers

1.30pm: Fairy Parade meet at Main Stage

1.30pm: March of Male Fae meet at Main Stage

12.45pm Siobhan Owen

12 noon Fairy Dream

Music: Lotus Dance Dome


More fun than you can shake a fairy wand at!!!

Includes – Temple Ball Saturday Night Takeover!

Friday 16th June – Lotus Dome Stage- Dance Tent – Bar

Midnight+ WEes DJ’s + silent disco

10.30pm Astralasia

9pm Loonaloop

8.50pm Pirate Burlesque

7pm Flashtafari DJ

6pm SeeD

5pm Laura Daligan

4pm Peter’s Pixie Training (meet in dome)

3pm Henna Demo with Tamara Newman

2pm Steel Drums

Saturday 17th June – Lotus Dome Stage- Dance Tent – Bar

Midnight+ Merlin’s Apprentice

10.30pm Zetan Spore

9pm DJ’s JimJam/Gazillion

8pm Lunar Sonic

6pm Meet the Fairy Queen!

5pm Morganite

4pm Perkelt

3pm John Nurse

2pm Pixiephonic

1pm Meet the Artists, Brian & Wendy Froud Jasmine Becket-Griffith, Linda Ravenscroft

Sunday 17th June – Lotus Dome Stage- Dance Tent – Bar

Midnight+ Flashtafari + silent disco

10.30pm Music of the Andys

9pm Sacred Geometry Band

8.40pm Pirate Pub Quiz (part 2)

8.30pm Pirate Burlesque

8.00pm Pirate Pub Quiz (part 1)

7pm Ocean Stone

6pm Mal Webb & Kylie Morrigan

5pm Prometheus and the Satyrs

4pm Cliff Carr

Noon: Peter’s Pixie Training 

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We reserve the right to change, or alter the line up without prior notice. Tickets are non-refundable.